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Asher and Business Partner Joshua IJames Launch New Label Venture: Soul To Soul Records

The young legend as we know as Asher is raising the bar again in his career with a label venture that will begin to put new artists on the map. Asher and his partner Joshua Ijames started their label, “Soul To Soul Records” and are launching with unprecedented will. Soul To Soul Records is a joint venture with the infamous Empire Records, which will open the door for many independent artists on the rise.

Asher and Joshua grew up with the same passion for music. Originally, they started with a label called “Living Lavish Ent” and over time, it dissolved due to their growth and priorities changing, as they didn’t want to promote a lifestyle derived of childish desires, but of quality! Quality is Asher’s middle name; as we’ve known him, he has always taken great pride in what he was creating, very particular and possessed a premium sound. With the Soul To Soul and Empire venture, Asher and Joshua positioned themselves to oversee and executive produce projects coming from their artists. Everything from cover art, music recording, promotion, music video treatment to strategic planning will be closely watched by the core team! Asher is the first signed artist and two more have already been inked to the label.

With 2021 wrapping up, you can expect some buzz from the label to close out the year, but we won’t be expecting an album release from Asher until early 2022. Artists signed with the label are currently working on solo projects, also to be released under the Soul To Soul brand with more coming.

Stay tuned on this venture as they will be picking up momentum very soon. With Asher’s leadership, it is sure to reach destinations of satisfaction.

For now stream Asher on all platforms.

Follow Asher on social media @Asher__ and Joshua Ijames @TheJSamuel

Follow the label @SoulToSoulRecords

~ King Cxshmere

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