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BreadWinner Sosaa Is Running Up The Hustle With His Mixtape "Curb Service"

BreadWinner Sosaa aka BWS Sosaa is raising the bar for his city of Gastonia, NC with his mixtape "Curb Service" hosted by Dj B Eazy. "Curb Service" has reached over 10,000 streams since its release on March 11! The leading single "Go" has been surfing the radio waves of 102.5 The Block with Dj Carolina X's mix show. Covering new territory has been the trend for the NC artist as his fanbase has stretched to California, Rhode Island and New York where his demand will now cause him to travel and spread awareness of the grind.

As the focus has now been on new horizons, the bread winner took himself up to Providence, RI to open up for Capella Grey, the popular “Gyalis” artist from New York! Sosaa teased a new single during his set and his performance solidified him in another region, making him no longer just a local artist. The show took place at the infamous Fete Music Hall where major promoter and artist Vasjan Zisi celebrated his birthday!

Without a doubt, BWS Sosaa is changing the game and showing his peers that your hustle can take you to new heights if you believe in what you do. Sosaa's grind will be landing him in several new cities over the summer.

March 24th, Dj Carolina X and Sosaa released a collaboration track "Take 1", a promo single spinning on 102.5 The Block. Running with "Go" and "Take 1", BreadWinner Sosaa is itching to drop a new wave of singles over the course of the summer to keep things fresh. They will be accompanied with music videos and some dance challenges for the TikTokers.

It's not a release without a release party! BreadWinner Sosaa will be headlining his first release party sponsored by Yaga Brand and presented by The Cxshington Monarchy. Tickets on sale via the flyer below.

Stay tuned for this hustlers next moves on his social media @BreadWinnerSosaa.

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