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BroBroCookDatUp Is Back For Another Round

BroBroCookDatUp is a Producer/Beat Maker out of Charlotte, NC. If you remember him from his Space Trap Album Vol.1, you’ll be excited to know that his level of creation has amplified with new sounds! New collaborations have also inspired the creation process which now holds weight in many new artists ears!

As time has raced by this 2022, so has the Charlotte Producers client list! Solidifying relationships with existing clients and artists. BroBro states “I’ve come to realize that the magic we all want to happen as producers with artists truly comes from a connection that can’t be synthetic. I’ve been incorporating more of hybrid futuristic soul”.

BroBroCookDatUp has been growing his network and is working with artists from Charlotte to Midwest to the West coasts of California. In a strive for unique sounds and elements, BroBro will change the game for music heads wanting a fresh sound for their projects.

With his consistent growth and up coming projects, BroBro is also introducing a playlist on Spotify featuring mainly independent artists. You can check out the playlist below.

BroBroCookDatUp will be introducing new collaborations within the new seasons and you can stay tuned for all of them through his social media.

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