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Foreva$olidRome And The "Rebirth"

Foreva$olidRome aka $olid is a Charlotte, NC resident, born in Indianapolis, IN with a vision and sound like no other. $olid's music and sound are reflections of his background.

$olid spent most of his life listening to legends we know today, however, due to incarcerations, his journey in music was delayed. In late 2020, $olid started his journey with his music by learning from his now wife; who helped him with a great deal of things like etiquette, the importance of copyrights and other strong topics in the industry. Headed in the right path, $olid began to record projects in his own at-home studio. Determined to win by all means, $olid made sure he networked and connected with people that could guide and mentor him on his journey.

Late September, Foreva$olidRome released the Rebirth album, recorded at Audiobox Studios, where he also held his album listening party. At the listening party, the energy came to life! It was a definite sign that this album was a work of art, crafted by the many traumas he has faced and also that this artist is here to stay! The Rebirth and his past work are sounds that $olid simply calls "Pain", as he has lost many friends and family members to the streets. The sound is like a force of nature, with much emotion intact.

You can download and stream "Rebirth" on all platforms!

Foreva$olidRome is coming to a city near you. After beating a 10 year case, $olid is now free to roam the world. $olid has interviewed around the city and now looks to be booked in yours. With "Rebirth", he plans to expand his fanbase to the next level.

$olid plans to roll out a set of videos from the album, so stay tuned for a movie! You can check out the link below for his video "Cant See Me".

Music Video ~ Cant See Me

Be sure to watch "Cant See Me" and subscribe to his youtube channel.

Follow Foreva$olidRome on his social media @ForevaSolidRome.

~ King Cxshmere

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