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Founder of The Selfish Network K. Austin Elevates to New Heights

K. Austin and his brand "The Selfish Network" are on the rise from their humble beginnings. The Selfish Network is a group of individuals that collaborate and support each other in their movements. Bringing a group of people together and meshing them can always bring challenges, but K. Austin seems to have the right formula. The brand started off with a vision of "Self". Learning to be, move and do for self was the primary focus behind this thought process. Learning to be "selfish" wasn't about being possessive, but about being self aware of ones needs and visions and putting them into action. The brand practices all forms of arts from graphics to dance to music.

K. Austin himself is a multifaceted artist and leader in his community. His goals are to become a barer of knowledge and resources for his people.

Launching and maintaining a brand takes innovation and courage. With new collaborations, the Selfish Network will conduct a series of events revolved around music and art. Their most recent event was a collaboration with YAGABRAND, where they held a dance competition. Community outreach is a critical affair amongst their endeavors and more events will surely take place.

Triumphant and ambitious, K. Austin and the Selfish Network have a steady journey ahead of them. Be sure to follow them as they continue to impact the culture.



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