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Hustle Brigade - Fashion Meets Hustle

The Hustle Brigade was established in September 2020 by Designer Jerleel Hartwell. Hartwell's vision and philosophy was about bringing like minded individuals together that shared the same goals of winning from the every day hustle. He wants the brand to represent an entity of hustlers.

Jerleel's visions began with his first ventures with Ante Up in 2010 and Snapback Elite. These brands were amazing stepping stones that lead to the greatness that Hustle Brigade is today. Hustle Brigade leads with designs and features fitted for the generation here and to come.

Jerleel hopes to use his brand to educate and be a resource to other entrepreneurs and artists. A community based program is under way that will involve outreach and support from mutual visionaries. The Hustle Brigade will be a brand that looks good, but is used for good; simply being a beacon of success for others.

For more information you can head over to and you can receive a 20% discount when you use the code “CXSH”.

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