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J. Maro Releases New Music “Same Love”

J. Maro releases a new single “Same Love” a new teaser to a bigger project coming in the near future. J. Maro is a florida native and has been hustling in his scene with performances and features with other artists! J. Maro is working on building a wider audience and his new project will deliver him just that!

J. Maro has been working in the studio alongside super producer Stizzy Raxx, who has helped him secure a position in the studio. With access to the studio, J. Maro has had the opportunity to record other artists and of course himself, which has opened up a new learning experience in his creative process.

J. Maro’s “Same Love” has been added to King Cxshmere’s “The Cxsh House” & “Cxsh List: Sativa” Playlist. Stay tuned for more by J. Maro on his social media @_Maro_BK

~ King Cxshmere

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