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SirHolmes Releases Official Music Video To His Single "Show Love"

Independent Artist SirHolmes releases his highly anticipated video to his single "Show Love". "Show Love" is a higher vibration in regards to honoring people on all levels. This single was a top pick from fans, so he rewarded them with a video!

SirHolmes was born Ardy L Holmes in west Charlotte, N.C. He is multifaceted in the respect of entertainment. He has been a consistent entertainer from sports to music. SirHolmes has certainly been putting in work as he has just recently dropped a 9 track EP "SirHolmes100k" on Black Friday, which is streaming on all platforms. He has no plans of stopping there however, as music isn't his only venture. SirHolmes is a business man first and preserves his resources to invest in his companies Holmes Natural Fitness, LLC and Access Granted Promotions Corp. In sports, Holmes is a retired athlete after playing professional arena football for the Charlotte Thunder owned by former NFL Carolina Panthers Thomas Davis Jr.

February 22, 2022 SirHolmes is releasing his next single "Which Way" alongside Lil Durk's and Kanye West's projects.

Be sure to follow and support SirHolmes on all social media platforms @SirHolmes100k

~King Cxshmere

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