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Treyo Snapped, One Of The Hottest Young Producers Out Of Mississippi

Tommy Curtis III (also known as “Treyo Snapped”) is from a small city in Mississippi called Vicksburg. Treyo is currently 18 years old and he attends college full time.

Treyo has been involved with music since a baby. His parents and family members were former rappers and producers, which lead him to follow in their foot steps.

With over 37k subscribers & 16 million listens on YouTube, Treyo continues to strive and be consistent with his beats. He’s very versatile and definitely has some God given talent.

Treyo is one of the most hardworking individuals I have witnessed. His work ethic to be great is amongst the best of them. For the last year or so, I’ve watched him not only go to school, play football, win the state championship in powerlifting, but also release a beat every single day of the week. Now that’s what you call striving to be great!

I also had the chance to sit in on the 18 year old while he was creating his beats. It was nothing short of spectacular.

When asked about his creative process, he responded with, “First off, I come up with a melody in my ear, that’s how it starts.” He also admits to having the gift of “musical ears” because scales and other parts of creating were not his strong points.

Treyo beats has been making it’s way around the world. As of right now, he has about 10 different placements with major labels/signed artists, which includes but not limited to: Quando Rondo, JayDaYoungan , OBN Jay, Fg Famous, Jones, Pyungin and more.

Treyo admires the work of fellow producers, TNTXD and Murda Beatz. He also would like to work with Drake and Dj Khaled, if ever the opportunity presents itself.

When asked, what is the best advice you’ve been given, Treyo responds by saying “To work on your craft like a jump shot. If a basketball player can go and shoot 1,000 jumpers everyday than you should be trying to knock out 20 beats a day. Give yourself a goal you know is BIG and it will bring out your full potential.”

One message Treyo would like to give to his fans is to never give up. Always strive to make connections and get lots of subscribers on YouTube. He says it will require time, dedication and hard work.

As of now, Treyo continues to work on his craft while going to school as a sophomore in college. He wants to continue to work with major artist and one day sign a Pub deal with a major label.

You can find the artist on all major platforms. Links below.

By: Jermaine Smith

Ig: Jermaine.smith23

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